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Making The Most Of Opportunities

Making the Most of Opportunities

By Mark E. Robinson


We are quickly approaching what we call the holiday season. First comes a day set aside by man to be thankful for what we have been blessed with, Thanksgiving. Then nearly a month later comes the day know as Christmas. This time of year affords Christians some very unique opportunities.


As these days approach we find that the world begins to be more mindful of God and their Savior. People begin to consider how much God has blessed them in this life. As we know, the blessings of God are very plentiful. We cannot begin to understand how much God has blessed us, yet so many, including Christians, take for granted the blessings of God. What a wonderful opportunity we have to talk to others about God when they are being mindful of Him.


Consider the opportunities that present themselves during Christmas. What do most people think about during that time of year? Most people think about the birth of Jesus. The Scriptures actually record the birth of Jesus. However, we have no command, example, nor can we draw a conclusion from a command or example that we should celebrate His birth. We meet together every first day of the week to remember His death, burial, and resurrection.  Even though that is the case, please keep in mind that most people think about Jesus more during this time of year than any other.


So what can we do? What about engaging people in conversation about Jesus? Let that conversation have a natural progression from His birth, to His life, and then his death. I think we would be amazed at how many people think about His birth but rarely think about His life and death. We have a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about what the Lord did for them on the day that He died on the cross.


Often during this time of year we see people that we seldom see at other times. These are usually our family and closest friends. Many concern themselves with worrying about how people will respond. Why not worry instead about what will happen if they fail to give their life to the Lord? Why not worry instead about what their final destination will be when this life is over? So many people worry about keeping the peace that they avoid religious discussion. They are letting some of the best opportunities in life pass them by.


I urge you today and every day to make the most of your opportunities to tell others about what the Savior has done for us all. His gift is too precious to keep to ourselves.