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Mark Stinnett


Years ago I took a trip out west with friends from college. I had grown up where the tallest mountains were the nearby Ozarks of northeast Arkansas. While they possessed their own beauty, they could not compare to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.


From many miles away we recognized the Rockies on the horizon. We were all anxious to see ‘real’ mountains. The closer we drove the larger the mountains grew until . . . .


Still miles away we became more and more aware that the Rockies were far more beautiful, majestic, and breath-taking than anything any of us had seen before. We leaned forward in the car and looked from side to side to try & take it all in.


Peppered in among long periods of silence were brief expressions: “Awesome.” “Incredible.” “Amazing.” And we were still far off.


Ultimately there was only silence in the car. Our language failed to provide adjectives suitable to describe what our eyes beheld. We were overwhelmed.


I believe most people in the world are unimpressed with God. Even Christians often look at God somewhat at a distance. Too often we have become fixated on doctrinal concerns; and these are important. Too often we have become fixated on ‘doing’ Christianity; and we must concern ourselves with godly living.


Is a photograph enough to give a real sense of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains? Is it enough to merely gaze toward God from a distance through doctrinal facts or as a religious commander?


Do you gaze at His glory through His word? Do you long to see His face? Are you pursuing your Maker? Do you stand in awe of our Creator? Are you truly overwhelmed as you come closer and closer to your God?


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


“Then the Lord God formed man out of the

dust of the ground . . .and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”


May we often be driven to our knees in humble awe of our Awesome God.